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We are proud to be your local Kentucky mortgage leader and look forward to helping you with your New House Loan, Mortgage Refinancing, Home Equity Loans and Home Improvement. Apply for a Kentucky home loan today and see how much of a loan that you qualify for.

Refinance Your Home Loan at lower interest rates to reduce your payment and you can also cash out some of your home equity.

With mortgage rates so incredibly low, if you have an interest rate above 4.5%, you can save hundreds of dollars per month by refinancing and getting today's lower mortgage rates.

Home Equity Loans and personal lines of credit are available for your immediate financial needs.

Kentucky Mortgage Our brokers will help ease the lending process. Quotes are also provided for bad credit mortgage lenders in the Blue Grass state. We offer Conventional, FHA, VA, KHC and alternate sources of Residential Mortgages. They will quickly assist you through the mortgage process.

We are proud to offer the combination and flexibility of adjustable rate financing (low start rates, easier qualification) with the stability of a fixed rate mortgage. We provide an exclusive mortgage program that will help you to substantially reduce or even eliminate closing costs. Our program with no origination fee or points lets you save money and buy more house.

Beginning with a lower start rate means a lower payment, which may allow a borrower to qualify more easily depending on the type of mortgage. Buyers that are already qualified can also benefit by qualifying for a more expensive home. Unlike some lenders who only offer a few rate buy down choices, we offer more than 1,800 lending options. This is an attractive alternative to ARMs. Adjustable rate mortgages typically fluctuate as much as two percent per year and six percent over the entire life of the loan. Flex-Fixed limits those adjustments to no more than one percent per year and three percent over the entire duration of the loan.

Sign up now to receive your free credit report online in a matter of minutes. Log in and review all of the items on your report. Our Lexington office is where to find a mortgage loan by comparing mortgage rates and closing costs from multiple lenders. Let our loan specialists help you attain an affordable home construction loan. Is your homeowners insurance up for renewal? Get free to check home insurance quotes to ensure you are getting the best deal available to you.

We want to make this mortgage process as easy, convenient and enjoyable as possible. We are genuinely committed to providing excellent customer service and hope that you will feel comfortable referring us to others.

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Kentucky Mortgage loan products available in Lexington, Louisville, Covington, Bowling Green and all across the great Blue Grass State!